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thankyou for your support.

Stuart my husband went for an upper GI on 12/16, they were unable to complete it as they found a large mass in his esophagus, the physician had him admitted to the icu as she was concerned there was a fistula. tn the hospital they did a CT scan and found there was no fistula, they discharged him with the promise of a biopsy, bronchoscopy,etc. under full anestesia, the following mon or tues, it turned out it wasn't scheduled until Thurs,12/23. The surgery was done at University of Minnesota Hospital, Fairview. We were informed that the mass was indeed malignant and told( prior to the procedure} that it was T3 or T4. A port and a feeding tube were placed. We were told they would call us with a time to be seen on mon, tomarrow, stil no word. We were told he will be given a PET/CT scan to check for cancer elsewhere in his body. Also due to the size of the mass they were unable to use a scope that reads the lymph nodes, and a decision was made to not use more invasive means to find out. In general the Univ of MN has a good reputation in oncology, is a research institution and is a cancer center, but so is Mayo clinic in Rochester, Mn. We live in Minneapolis. We are hoping we will get more detailed results of the biopsy when we go in tomarrow, and the surgeon's recommend an oncologist.

Thanks again, Ellen


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    Hi Ellen, My husband had a similar experience. He had the regular scope and they did biopsies, but when they tried to do a scope with the ultrasound for further staging and they couldn't get it through, so the test wasn't completed. The gi doctor really scared me saying they had gotten it through just 10 days earlier, and it was really growing fast. Get him into chemo as fast as possible. I was on the phone trying to get something going before he even came out of anesthesia and I got to see him. He did get diagnosed with a T3, and at surgery was a T2. Surgery was a Mayo Clinic in Rochester and we were happy with our surgeon Dr. Wigle. Just wanted to let you know this did happen to us, too. Fortunately he could still have surgery and is doing well, but one of those times I will never forget. Wishing you good results. Linda
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    I read all you posting to all patients
    Hi William,

    I read all your posting to people. They help me also. Thanks.

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