l-arginine and PDE-5

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I would be interested if anyone is taking a PDE-5 (levitra, viagra, cialis) "and" l-arginine? If you are, would you mind sharing information on the dosage, frequency and results?


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    L-arginine aand Cialis
    My doctor told me to take my 20mg cilais and 1000 mg l-arginine, which I have done occassionally. I usually take an L-arginie pill 30 minutes before sex. I have never had any side-effects from taking the both, and I believe that the L-arginine can only help. I don't take it all the time because Cialis does the trick for me.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have been away from the discussion board for quite sometimes and have only returned now to see your post. My doctor also precribed to me 2000 mg of L-arginine daily along with 10 mg of Cialis every other day. I was taking 1000 mg in the morning and another in the evening. I can say that it has helped greatly with the blow flow and also increased my resistance during work out. I can also attribute to L-arginine some of the morning woodies (80 per cent) that I started having but not on the frequent basis. I am now 9 months and half post surgery.

    For more than two months now, I have not been taking it frequently lately as viagra or cialis alone does the job.