Memories make me cry

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I sit and try to think of all the happy memories that my hubby, Tom and I had together. Soon the tears start, cause I wanted more. I think about Christmas eve and the fun we had and then remember all the Christmas mornings when he'd put his arms around me and say "Merry Christmas Honey". This is my first year without him and it'll be 9 months on Christmas day since I lost him.
Hope everyone will make it through the day, and we will all remember our happy times with our loved ones that we lost! God Bless all of you! "Carole"


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    A hug
    I am sending you a hug and a wish for peace and blessings upon you in the coming year.

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    try to be happy with good memories
    I try to look on bright had good sorry shorten but go with the good ones.

    I used to get teary eyes each time I walked in Disney since both my parents brought me ther for my first trip. I was there with friend..she said NO NO be the next trip...I put that in my mind...and it worked...

    when my dad died when I was 19...everyone kept saying to me..YOU are so young to lose a parent. I turned it around that I had a great dad short time then so so dad for life time.