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To those of you suffering from dry mouth and I know many of you on this site are, I would like to offer the following information. I have been using the Biotene products for some time now. I use the toothpaste as well as the Biotene Moisturizing Gel. The toothpaste and the gel do a wonderful job. However as most of you know these products are extremely high in price. Seems like everything else in the world on products we have to have, the manufacturer or the retailer taking advantage of us. After continuing to find high prices on Biotene Gel in the large chain drug stores, I discovered this product. The product is Orajel Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel. The small pharmacy I was buying I guess just got fed up with having to charge the consumer with these high price Biotene products and put this product on their shelves instead. The taste is a little different and you have to get used to it, but it works as well or better than Biotene for a lot less money and the same size tube. Try this product, I think you will be pleased. And shame on Biotene for their price gouging.


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    Its not neccessarily biotene price gouging it could be the drug stores. I use biotene toothpaste and from the drug store its close to $9 a tube, my grocery store (food lion) has the same thing for less than $6 per tube.
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    Good to know. I get my Biotene products straight from my rad onco at no charge(that I know of)but that won't always be available. I appreciate saving a buck or two always.

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    You might try walmart or target for the Biotene products..i use them all and also the oasis products that i have had trouble finding but see them back on the shelf ..also looking for the stopper 4 that all have talked about.but can not find out here..yet...Checked with amazon.com and they wanted 6.39 plus $6.00 for freight..decided to wait and get it when they order it locally.. .the biotene mouthwash is $5.97 in oregon..no sales tax.. Mel
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    Hi Price
    Thanks for the tip sportman
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    will give it a try, thanks for the info, anything to help my honey!