Dennis Is Home From Hospital..Merry Christmas

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Hello all,

I just got the best Christmas present of our 41 years being married, Dennis is home from the hospital. What a tough ride the last seven days haven been, from thinking that we were getting IRE Nanoknife and going home in one day. The doctors did do the IRE Nanoknife, what an awesome procedure for people with smaller liver tumors 4 cm and under. Dennis's tumor grew to a whopping 4.5cm, after discussion with his team they decided to try IRE and get most of the tumor zapped after 5 hours in surgery they felt they had got in the 90 percent range out. As we all know 90 percent is not good enough, they decided that Dennis now needed a procedure called TACE (Transarterial Chemo Embolization). Dennis condition from his IRE procedure was not good as they had to go thru his lung with one of the probes so we waited till Thursday to do TACE. TACE now done, that was not a good ordeal either, but its behind us and he is home. CT Scans will be done in 4 weeks, lets pray for a clean scan. Thank you all and may you all be blessed to have your loved ones with you this christmas.



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    Awesome that he is home just in time for the holiday season and to be there with all his family at such a special time of year. So wonderful that his surgeries went well. Hoping and praying that his scans could out good after the first of the year. Enjoy your Christmas - you both deserve it.

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    Home is a good thing
    Because hospitals suck unless you get good pain meds. LOL. I'm so happy he's home and doing good. Marry Christmas to you guys

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    Wonderful News
    So very glad that all that is behind you and you can both rest, relax and recover.

    May your holidays be the best ever and the new year nothing but good news.
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    Welcome Home
    Dennis. Time to enjoy the holidays
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    Dennis + Patti = happy holidays!
    I am really glad Dennis will be home for CHristmas; there is nowhere I would rather be.
  • AnneCan said:

    Dennis + Patti = happy holidays!
    I am really glad Dennis will be home for CHristmas; there is nowhere I would rather be.

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    Welcome home for Christmas!
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    That's great
    Wonderful! So glad he is home!

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    There's no place like hoe for the Holidays
    What an ordeal. I'm glad Dennis is home and recuperating. Here's to clean scans ahead.