What happens after the chemo is done?

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My father is going thru his chemo as we speak for stage 4 Esophageal cancer. Recently he had a PET scan and all lymph nodes and the tumor site were clear for cancer. We all were so excited! His doctor told us he was responding well to the treatments, however the micro cells still are invading his body. He also explained he can only have 6 rounds of the chemo he is on because of kidney problems and heart muscle problems. He is on round 4 , what happens after round 6? Does this cancer take over? I am confused can anyone help?


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    I'm a litte confused...
    about your father's diagnoses. I'm assuming that if he was diagnosed at stage 4 then the cancer has spread to other organs. If that is the case, then the chemo is given for pallative care and there is nothing more they can do. Stage 4 is non-cureable. So, either your dad has had a miracle done to him or something is amiss with his "stage 4" diagnoses. Or, I'm totally missing something! If it is truly stage 4 and they've run the gammit of chemo drugs, then there is nothing more they have to offer, unfortunately.

    My father has stage 4 EC too and has responded well to chemo. But there is no "cure". He is doing well and the chemo is keeping the cancer from spreading faster and further and basically giving him more time. But eventually the cancer will win. Whether or not that's in a couple of months or a year from now, only God knows.

    You have to just soak in and be thankful for every moment you have with your father. And leave the rest to God.

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    My Prayers and caring

    Others far wiser and more experienced with offer you their experiences and advice.

    I offer my prayers and the caring of a fellow traveller.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas.

    Keith Rodney age 67 Boston