Rising PSA from RP of 8-14-97

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I am a 74 year old man who had a RP in 1997. PSA was 6.94. It was 0.0 after the surgery until 1-2-03 when it tested 1.03. From that point it kept rising slowly over a period of four years to 8.35. The next two years it went up and down until it went to 11.16 on 8-21-09. After a bout with lung cancer surgery in early 2010 followed by chemo I had my PSA checked on Dec. 16 and it was 28.0. After discussing all the options I was started on hormone therapy and will have my PSA checked in 6 weeks to see where it is. As regards to the lung cancer I've had two CT scans and both were clear.


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    Sounds like you are a
    Sounds like you are a definite fighter and glad to hear that the lung cancer scans have been clear. Good luck on the hormone therapy, stay positive and reach out any time you need to chat or ask questions. There are others on the forum going through hormone therapy.

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    Hang in there buddy! I


    Hang in there buddy! I am a two timer as well (lung & prostate). Lung 98 and Prostate in 2009.

    5 years I was told was a big milestone for the lung, I quit going to the oncologist after 10 years. 6 months after that, I was diagnosed with the prostate cancer.

    I wish you low psa's and a happy holidays !