Has anyone else experienced continued pain after treatment?

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Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed with NHL small b-cell, 3A, grade 1. I have had the 4 weeks of treatment and now on every 2 months for 2 year plan. I am experiencing continued left groin, underarm, and chest pain (hard to breath). Sometimes all of this is barely tolerable even on Neurontin 900MG a day and Vicadin 500MG (1-2x) every 4 hours. Had an echo and ct scan done and was told that the nodes in both areas looked good. The onco. seemed upset that I had come back after my treatment in Nov. to ask about it again. The pain is still with me. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    I have FNHL-1-4A and was diagnoses in May of 2010. As you can see mine is also in the bone where yours is not. It does not matter since yours and mine are treated the same. Only I went thru 6 rounds of r-cvp. Finished up on Sept. 28th. Be getting 2 years of Rituxin 1 every 6 months. I never experienced any pain of any kind. As a matter of fact it was dicsovered during a routine scan from my urologist. I had it in my abdominal area mostly.One very small one in shoulder area and one small one in groin. I am now in remission. If you are still having discomfort and pain you really should have it checked out farther. Something is causing it. The pain meds you are taking are pretty strong and if that does not take care of it then something is going on. You do not want to be on them too long. They can be very addictive. Prescription or not the addictive process is the same. Keep us informed. All our prayers are with you. John (FNHL-1-4A-5/10)
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    I completed 6 rounds of R-CHOP in October 2010 for DLBC NHL, stage 4; with remission since that time. I do not have any active disease at this time, but do have pain that is at a level 5-7 most of the time. I take Morphine SR 30 mg twice a day as well as some fast acting morphine a few times a day. Per my oncologist and orthopedist, I had some tumors that were around my spine and have left me with "micro fractures". Both doctors state that this is a very painful condition and that pain medicine is warranted. I'll have a total spine MRI tomorrow to assess the healing process. Prior to this diagnosis, I knew I was in a world of hurt but didn't know why. I imagine that there are more residual diagnoses that can cause pain after the tumors are gone. You do not need to be in pain. Your doctors should understand that pain is what you state it is and treat you as such. If they can not assist you then please get a referral to a pain medicine doctor. Feel better!

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    Hi I had 8 cycles of RCHOP begininning in Nov. 2009 and finishing April 2010. During my treatment i developed joint pain and a strange sesation in my toes and finger tips. Put this down to being side effects of treatment. Now months after final treatment I still have joint pain that has got worse, this has been put down to weight gain?
    At present I am not under a oncologist as I was transferedd by my cancer care provider to a town closer home back in September. I think the RCHOP is brilliant treatment but does leave you with a few side effects,