Radiation Proctitis after treatment for cervical cancer

Finished up with my radiation in Feb. of this year, internal and external. No bowel problems really at all during treatment-now I have been having slightly bloody stools for the past month, passing a few clots recently. Sigmoidoscopy today showed radiation proctitis which was treated with argon laser. I have to do repeated treatments apparently-next in four weeks. Any diet advice? I've read to take solubile fiber but no nuts or fresh veggies, whole grains or fresh fruit. Anyone heard of vit e or c supplements? I believe this may be a chronic problem so I want to do all I can to stop the bleeding-definately don't want to develop a fistula! Thanks for any help!


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    I am so sorry Maggie to see
    I am so sorry Maggie to see that your having complications this far out from treatment. I know we are all warned that it's possible, but we all hope it doesn't happen. I experienced acute radiation proctitis during and following treatment, but it has since resolved. Most of the time I survived on a liquid or soft diet. I always took supplements, but I can not honestly say whether they helped or not, but they did make me feel better mentally. I hope your treatments goes smoothly and things work themself out for you. ((HUGS))