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Hi all, haven't written in a while, things have been really busy the last couple months. I have been visiting and reading and you all are in my prayers.

Wanted to give an update on my brother Jim and his quest to beat this monster. Yesterday he had his surgery, everything went as planned. A little over six hours and he was in recovery doing well. The doctors believe they accomplished what they set out to do and did not find any surprises. They did not see any evidence of any new cancer and the tumor evidently was as they wanted after the chemo and IMRT radiation. Naturally the final results won't be in for several days from the lab. Of course we have our fingers crossed.

He was in surgical ICU over night and when I spoke to his wife this afternoon, they were considering moving him out of ICU. I guess that's a really good sign. He is complaining about the nasal gastric tube hurting his nose and his throat. I asked him if maybe it hurts because they got the catheter and the nasal tubes confused. We will know for sure soon.

His spirits are good and I have to say he has really impressed me with his strength and fortitude through this. I know it has been some of the most difficult days in his life and yet he has been a rock each and every step of the way. I am proud to call him my brother, even though he has a catheter in his nose.

Thank you all for your kind messeges. I will try and answer each of you soon.



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    great news
    Hi Rob,
    So glad to hear Jim got thru the surgery and is doing well. Hope all the labs come back clean. That darn NG tube hurts because it is sewn into your nose so it won't come out but it sure helps with the drainage issues. He will only go forward now and sounds like he is up for the challenge. When you visit him encourage him to walk as much as he can so he doesn't get any other complications. You are a wonderful brother and caregiver. My prayers will be with you and Jim and family that he moves forward to a great recovery. There is so much waiting for him after recovery. take care, prayers always,
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    Glad for the great news
    Wow! He's doing great! Beats my husband's 10 day ICU stay. He developed atrial fibrillation and his first swallow test was iffy so the surgeon wanted to be extra careful. That NG tube is awful, and I didn't experience it. I watched my husband deal with it. Donna is correct...move those legs and walk as best as can with all the tubes. Things will continue to improve but be prepared that it does take awhile with some trial and error events on eating, etc. He'll get the hang of it. Hope all the labs, tests are great. Keep us informed.
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    Great News

    I am glad Jims surgery went well. Praying for a speedy recovery.

    Do keep us informed and tell him we are all thinking and praying for him.

    God Bless
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    Great news thanks for
    Great news thanks for sharing. Hope your holidays are wonderful and you have a chance to visit with your brother soon.

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    So glad Jims surgery went
    So glad Jims surgery went well and is behind him. The nasal tube is rough. I managed to pull mine out, which caused a lot of bleeding for a few days. It is very important for him to get active as soon as he can. This will help in regaining his strength. Please keep us updated.
    By the way, I love the picture!
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    Great News
    Thank you for keeping us posted on Jim's progress. Please tell him his online family is praying for him.

    God Bless,