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Dear Mr Marshall I had previously asked if anyone had cancer come back to the same area of the esophagus and stomach after chemo, radiation and Ivor Lewis surgery. I received so much information from you and support. I have printed all of this for my daughter. Because she had what felt like a blockage we went for a Ct scan last week and the report came back last week. The doctor said "I have unexplained events to report to you" The spots on your liver which had been getting bigger are totally gone"" We just do not know why they are gone. "There is no blockage either" Sometimes events happen that are unexplainable" We of course are overwhelmed with the hope that she can be with us for a while longer and afraid that any moment they will call us and say they made a mistake on the scan. I am afraid to even type this for fear of hearing otherwise. I thank you for your kindness and support when I needed a level head and I thank everyone who offered advice and comfort. This site is a lifeline for all of us adrift in sorrow and pain. Kind regards Grandma Jo


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    unexplainable events
    Dear Mr Marshall Thank you for your wonderful letter. We are still pondering this event in our lives. Our friends and family are buzzing about the latest words of encouragement. We have so many caring souls that pray for us everyday since my daughters diagnoses . Her friend, 83 years old is having a Christmas Mass sung for her, my sisters Prayer Warriors pray for her every day since 09. We have 3 small churches on the prairie pray every Sunday for our family. There is not one day that goes by someone will stop me and say I pray for your family every day. I asked my surgeon yesterday as I left his office. Do you believe in miracles? He replied" Yes I do . I see them quite often in my profession. No one can under estimate the power of prayer." We are so thankful and humbled by this event. I pray for all the wonderful people on this site. I pray that they too may be blessed with a peace that passes all understanding. Kind regards Grandma Jo
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    Miracles Still Do Happen!!
    Grandma Jo, your story is just AWESOME! I'm so happy for your daughter! I believe God is still in the miracle making business!! And your daughter is a receiver of one! So very, very cool!! I also think it's cool that you have a doctor who believes in them too!!!

    Please keep us updated on her situation:)