Swollen neck 4 months after surgery

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Hi Everyone,

I had thyroid surgery in August 2010 and then RAI treatment in September. Everything seemed to be fine until last weekend. I noticed my neck was swollen on one side and once in a while I get "gaggie". I had been shopping (of all things) the day before and carrying many bags, in and out the car etc....however advil seemed to help but it comes back.
Can your neck swell months later like that? I'm going for my three month check-up in two weeks,and for bloodwork, but I was curious if others here have had this issue? Is this common?
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  • nasher
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    get it checked out

    get it checked out

    Personaly I wouldnt wait even 2 weeks. I know at my 3 month check my Endo was definatly makeing very sure i had no sweling so I am guessing its important

    good luck
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    Hi there. I went on line today to see if anyone had the same problem that you have just mentioned. I had my surgery in September and have been feeling good, but the last couple of days have felt some swelling in my throat. I've been trying to work out to get back in shape again.

    did you ask you doctor about the swelling you're experienced? Has it gone away? Really interested to see how you'r doing.