Surgery went well

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Don had his surgery on Friday. Dr Grogin at Vanderbilt hospital here in Nashville did the surgery. He says that he got all of the cancer for which we are praising God. He is doing very well at this time. They removed his epidural today and the cathater. Tomorrow is the swallow test and if he passes that, they will start giving him some liquids by mouth. He does not have a feeding tube as there was too much scar tissue from previous surgery. He has a pic line and he is getting nutrition through it. Keep him in your prayers. He also has a small cancer on his right kidney. They say it is slow growing and were not concerned about it until he heals from this surgery. We see the Uroligist in February.
Thanks for all the encouragement.


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    Great to hear that things went well

    I am so happy to hear that things went well with Don's surgery. Sounds like the surgeon feels they had clear margins and did not see anything to be concerned with. That is great to hear.

    We will be praying the swallow test goes well and the surgical pathology has good reports. Now you and Don can focus on recovery.

    Best Wishes,

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    glad it went well
    So glad to hear Don's surgery went well and he is progressing fine. We love good news on this board and you have supplied it!!! Will continue thoughts and prayers for you all. Just so glad to hear this. take care,
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    Wonderful news - I will keep
    Wonderful news - I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Remember to get your rest as well - you will need it in the days and weeks ahead.

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    We did consult with the Urologist before surgery. His thought was that the cancer is very small and slow growing. It was not connected to the cancer in the Esophagus at all. He felt that Don would have to undergo such a hard surgery now that it was not necessary to do anything until he is stronger. He said that it can be removed easily without affecting the entire kidney. We are confident in all of our doctors at Vanderbilt and feel that they have it under control. It is a wonderful hospital. One of the 5 best in the nation. I am just praying that he will pass the swallow test today and get the nose tube out tomorrow.
    Dr's are pleased with his progress so far. Thanks for your concern and prayers. Keep praying.