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Hi there

Im prompted by the "nausia and ginger post" : " my doctors and nurses and they advised me to stay away from herbal and vitamin supplements as they may interfere with treatment drugs, etc.."

Does anyone know of a hospital where the integrative medicine unit/center(complementary medicine) is ACTUALLY integrated with the rest of the hospital. ie: I mean, where someone is prescribed a supplement /herb by the naturapaths there, the physicians have direct access to records of this.
By implication, medications would then be examined with respect to the prescribed laboritory medications as well as prescribed complementary recommendations.Thus Dctr/ surgeons could make judgements as to contra indiactions etc.
And vica versa regarding the naturapaths. Both sides seem to be in the dark.

A a personal example;My wife has low blood pressure. Should she be given supplement Angine, which is a precursor for nitric oxide formation which lowers blood pressure?

On the other hand, research published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" just a couple of weeks ago found that: "Perioperative arginine-enriched enteral nutrition significantly improved the long-term overall survival and long-term disease-specific survival in malnourished patients with head and neck cancer" (refered to me by a naturapath)

In the above case, the docs, prior to surgery, would have to know and agree on a path taken, when faced with blood pressure,nutrician and post op issues.

Anyone using complementary med in conjunction with regular through the same hospitalwhere both parties cooperate together? In plain language; where a doc might see what has been given and vica versa.

tnx Sweet.B. for the PM, just received.


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    supplements and such
    Hey Clear,
    Good question. I'm using chinese herbal medicine and supplements with my physicians knowledge though not through the same center. I think the Block Center in Chicago actually does both. One day hopefully they all will. I do get accupuncture and guided imagery at the same center where I get chemo and radiation. It's a good start.

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    Hi Clear

    I was at the Mayo Clinic a few weeks ago and seen there Pain Management doc who was into some types of integrative treatment between tradition and herbal meds which also uses acupuncture and Chiropractic. I believe that MD Anderson in Houston is also just now starting to see the benefit that outside the normal box of medical treatment can offer.

    I am not sure about anything oversees maybe Scam can help with that.

    All the best to you and your Wife my friend and keeping you both in Prayer