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I just saw a video on netflix regarding natural healing process called the Gerson Therapy. Does anyone know anything about this? Please let me know. Thanks. Hope everyone is enjoying each day. Love to all June.


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    Yes, I've heard about this therapy and probably seen the same video. I think it came up in Kris Carr's video, too. I've done my own research and agree w/ some of the Gerson concepts but not all. My research has supported organic whole plant-based foods and some supplements, like Vit D (very compelling research). Gerson espouses enemas which I can't find substantial research to support. Also, I've been told by an integrative oncologist not to drink juices of any kind (too much natural sugar).

    If you're interested in a more natural approach you may want to look at the book "Integrative Oncology" by Weil and Abrams. It's been recommended to me but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. The natural methods are reviewed by MDs who are into holistic medicine. Apparently the Gerson Therapy is mentioned in this book.