problems after autologous stem cell transplant

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i was diagnosed with AML 5 in june 2010. after that i had 3 chemo including flag. now i had gone through autologous stem cell transplant last month(nov. 2010) as there was no full matching donor for me. till now i m feeling good & all my blood counts are normal. i am very thankful to god & people like you who pray for others. but inspite of all these i have a fear in my mind about post transplant complications ( i heard a lot about it). so please if you can help me coming out of this fear. also i would like to know about your case which type of transplant you had undergone & about the complications after that. please help me if you can.


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    Good Afternoon, I was diagnosed with AML on May 6th. I had all the chemo treatments and did very well though them. On August 2nd, I also had an autologous stem cell transplant. That also went very well (although they say the success rate has nothing to do with how well you did through treatment). I returned to work 6 months after being diagnosed - November 1st. I am doing well although my platelets are still low. I also have a lump in my throat from the last chemo which really concerns me. About a month ago, my calves started swelling and now they are normal again but I have noticed a bit of nerve damage in my feet since that happened. Also, I was worried about "Dead Jaw Disease" since I had been on Fosamax for about 13 years and also had a dental bridge. My dentist looked at that section of my jaw and does not think it was permanently damaged - although it is discolored. Other than that, I feel good. With the autologous transplant, there is no worry about rejection....however, the main concern is that they killed all the leukemia cells before collecting stem cells and transplanting them. Good luck!! Please let me know how you are doing!!