question form you guys

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after surgery, 10 rounds of chemo and 4 clean ct scans and good blood work my dr has ordred a pet scan, he says its normal to judge where we are nervous as all hell any thoughts from you guys ???


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    I agree
    I think it's a good idea, just to cover all bases.

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    Normal? It maybe depends on
    Normal? It maybe depends on the stage? I was staged at 3B and the only PET that was done was after surgery and before chemo. Did you have a PET already to stage the cancer? I question why if good blood work and clean ct scans, why the PET? Seems like overkill to me.
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    I'm envious. I never got a pet scan.

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    Pet scan?

    As Patteee said, "why"?

    A PET uses radioactive glucose to "light up" cancer clusters, but the
    cancer has to be taking in glucose faster than the surrounding cells.

    That's one reason many surgeons prefer standard CT scans to
    PET scans. And most surgeons (according to what you can read
    for yourself on the web), prefer not to subject their patient to more
    radioactivity than they have to.

    I'd question the need, but you really, really oughta' get other
    opinions from qualified practitioners for every stage of your
    progress. Putting all your trust into one human being, where
    your entire life is at stake, isn't really all that good an idea.

    Humans make misrtakes.

    Good thoughts commin' at ya!

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    I'm with
    I'm with Tootsie, it's a good gauge. Mine only did ct scans and I asked for a PET and he said, it wasn't necessary, held me back two weeks for surgery as they wanted a PET to compare to a CT. So was busy wishing he had done a PET.
    Best wishes for you.
    Winter Marie