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Hello to all of you wonderful warriors. I'm from the ovarian cancer board (member for about 10 years), but just found out my sister has leukemia. As you can imagine, I am very distraught. To make matters worse, we are miles and miles apart.

Right now, they are running additional tests, including a mammogram for suspicious lumps. So I don't even have the total picture just yet. But I was wondering if any of you can offer suggestions as to what to ask - i.e. type of leukemia, treatment options, etc. The doctor has already suggested an herb to help her extreme fatigue, and will be giving her intraveneous iron also. He is holding off on a bone marrow biopsy until the other lab work comes back.

Right now I'm so afraid, especially since I've been through cancer myself and know what might be ahead for her. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you so much!

Prayers and hugs to all,


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    I don't have any

    I don't have any suggestions as my dh has only recently been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Chemo should begin soon. Since you posted in dec -10, how are things going with her?