Worried, 12/10 is my full body scan - Last night I woke up, not realizing, had popcorn Now will the

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Hi everyone,

I know there is nothing I can do about it now but last night I guess I was so hungry I ate the Original Kettle Corn from whole foods. It has 130 sodium per serving and 2 cups is a serving. I really don't think I had a lot but what do you think my chances are with the scan. I spoke to the radiologist that will be reading the scan and he said that they will do the scan anyway because I already had the shots. I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THIS DIET FOR 2 WEEKS PRIOR - MAYBE IT WONT MATTER

Maybe you guys can say a little prayer for me. Thanks, Debby

P.S.: When I send a reply how come it doesn't post as "New" under the discussion topic. Example: 14 new and when I add a reply it still says 14 new. My comment is there but when I look at it still can be edited. Does this make any sense?