Mamogram and Pap Smear after RAI any time restrictions?

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I think we are all paranoid that there is cancer somehwere else when we find out the news of Thyroid Cancer. I just had RAI yesterday and go back for my body scan next week. I am wondering if anyone knows how long after RAI if there a waiting period to have a mamogram or a pap smear? I know I shouldn't be thinking about this right now but I can't help but wonder because I never asked. I could probably ask the nuclear med nurses and doctor next week but if you have asked what was your answer. Or if you found out on your own what was the reccomendation?

Thanks for your time.. Be strong.


  • veronica57
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    Hi Connie
    I would go ahead with regularly schedule mammograms and paps unless the doctor tell you otherwise. I've had several mammos since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In fact, they found several cysts in breast that I've been worried about. But my doctor hasn't told me what to do about follow up. If we don't stay on top of things ourselves, the doctors just toss the situation aside. Good luck to you, and God bless.
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    Mammo's and Pap's
    As long as there is no dye being injected you are okay to go forward with the Mammogram. My Radiologist said to wait about four weeks for any Radiology that involved the use of contrast dye. Check with your Nuclear Medicine Doctor or Endo just to be sure.