Running Boston Marathon In Memory of those who had Cancer

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I am running the Boston Marathon in honor of my mother to raise money for Cancer Research.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2006. As she started chemotherapy, I assumed the doctors at Sloan Kettering in New York City caught it in time to cure it. As different trials of chemo failed, the doctors gave my mother a 5% chance of survival. By the end of summer 2006, after a round of chemo caused my mother to lose her hair, my mother's health deteriorated significantly. The doctors told us that a 16 hour surgery might be her only hope. After weeks of preparation, the doctors told us that the surgery to remove parts of the tumor was too risky and that there was nothing further they could do.

They recommended that we consider hospice care (aka end of life care). The doctors gave my mother 2-3 months to live. I visited my mother in the hospital to help arrange for her trip back to Long Island. This was one of the last times I would get to see my mother conscious. We took her home and she passed away 1 week later.

If you would like to remember a family member or friend who passed away from cancer, I would be happy to include them on this site and run in their memory for a cure -- NO DONATION REQUIRED.

On Race Day I plan to make a T-Shirt with everyone's name listed below, as well as my mother's, and run in honor / support of them.



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    So Proud of you.
    I hope all went well.

    Strength and Courage,
    vicki Sam