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well i had my check up with the cancer doctor i go every 3 months for a check up, they did the pap and the pevlic the doctor told me that every thing looked just fine how ever we will not know how the pap test comes back until 7 to 14 days the waiting to me is always the hardest part of it

She told me my next visit will be in March 2011 and then of course April 2011 will mark 1 year since my Surgery and May marks 1 year since i was told i was in remison then of course

she said i need to have a Yearly chest xray and a yearly CT scan in JUNE 2011 and see what happens and then it will be 1 year since my radition treatment ended i believe end of july 2011 seems like only yesterday all this stuff happen

im unsure if any one elis has had problams with this

But my body is always in pain and always hurting im always run down and always tried like crazy

my family doctor and i both believe i have what is called Fiboymliga but see i didnt have thesse feelings until after my radition has any one elis had this happen ???????????????????????????????

Anyways so far my check up seem over all ok ill no if i get NED in a week or 2 i hate the waiting game hope all is well with all of the ladys my prayers are with each one


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    April re: your pains
    Hi my love, I haven't spoken to you in a while. I Have just reached one year since surgery and went for my one year checkup, Doc did a pap and pelvic exam and has not called me for the results, so I am guessing that everything is okay. Anyway I told him about pains that I am still experiencing in my abdomen and stomach and he said that he doesen't want me to have a cat scan now that I should wait and see if the pains get worse in a month. I really don't know what to do. He did examine me checking for any unsual swelling I guess!!! and said he thinks I am okay. He also mentioned that he would send me for the scan if I wanted but strongly suggested that I should wait. These little pains are very upsetting and causes me a lot of anxiety. I hope yours and mine will soon go away with time. Hope you and hubby are doing fine and loving each other. Please enjoy each other day by day. I wish you all the best. J