5 dwn 1Ior 3 to go

snipeford Member Posts: 3
hi guys its been tolong for me to be able to get on here and read everyones storys and positive comments to me and my daughter.Well i had cycle no 5 of my r-chop last wednesday so far all has been goin well just the ol energy levels are jus not there nemore and i broke out in these itchy little sores that drive me mad but startin to get that under control.I have got my next treatment on the 22nd nice xmas pressie lol after that i will be havin a ct scan and a bone marrow aspirate.My nodes have decreased by half and the onc seems happy to finish at 6 cycles aslong as my bone marrow test comes back clean or else it will be no 7 and 8 after xmas.well guys il be able to check in every couple of days from now on and hopefully help sumone like use have helped me .KEEP SMILIN IT MAKES PEOPLE WONDER WHAT UVE BEN UPTO.Just another question is there any other kiwis on here that people no about?