update on odd reaction

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Thanks everyone for their ideas. Its been an interesting few days. After not getting any answers from my onc. on Fri my husband took me to the ER. When I checked in my blood pressure was very high 206/168. That sent everyone into a panic. My swelling didnt matter as long as I was getting air.
all kinds of cardiac tests, another 2 contrast CT scans looking for clots.- neg thank goodness. meds to force the BP down, and then they looked at the swelling. The doc called it Linebacker neck and neathorthal eyes. I had to pull my forhead up to see and sign the paperwork.
Benedral and steriods to bring the swelling down and then after a full day, sent me home with more to take over the next 5 days. The ER doc was much more responsive and went through my meds and identified the Oxi as the propable cause.

Totally out of it Sat and Sunday. Monday my onc. appointment and next round of chemo.
The onc says it would be really unusual to have a reaction almost 2 weeks out. So she wanted to continue. Was willing to drop the dose down 10%. I warned her that I would not be calling her this time, I would go directly to the ER. If any reaction happens again, I want a doc to see it.
Ive been refered to a mental health therapist to assist with my handling of the side affects. Dont know what a therapist is going to do about my blood pressure, blisters or swelling. The onc. kept reminding me that today is my 1/2 way point and I should be celebrating. OK but whats going to happen to me the 2nd 1/2 of treatment if this is so hard. I am working about full time, but only because I have a very understanding boss. This was her guide to how bad the side effects are. If im working, must be tolorable.

I am looking for a second opinion.

The shingles idea was a good one, but not whats wrong, the blisters on my head heal between treatments and appear during infusion. So have to be a reaction. benedryl helps but not stops it.

As you can tell, Im a bit frustrated.

Dont understand the very high blood pressure. I take meds for slightly elevated BP. but its never been this high. I think it is contributing to how lowsly I feel right now. The ER doc did say that anything above 200/180 is an ER visit. Im skirting those numbers all day.

Again, thanks for the support and ideas. On to a second opinion.