Great News but still confused

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Received great news today no chemo or rads! But still no answer why the cancer returned. I think I'm looking for an answer that I'm never going to get!

The biopsy came back squamous cell carcinoma in situ. They have me under a every six week watch. I feel very lucky but afraid they are missing something! I have not had any other test (MRI, CT or PET Scan) in over 3 years.

They told me to look at my risk factors. Not sure what else to do but live in a bubble. (dont drink or smoke) Been smoke free of 7 years.

They also stated to watch my stress and emotional levels, any sugestions! I explained its hard to live stress free and not be so emotional with having to have biospies once every 3 to 4 months. I told him if he was in my shoes he would feel the same way. I dont think he liked my response his eyes got really big.


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    Hi donna
    Miracles still happen, I am not sure why but 4 1/2 years ago my PET scan came back bad my local doctors decided to put me on chemo but I decided to do nothing. MD Anderson agreed with me and wanted to see if my body immune would kick in and do what it should do to get rid of the C. In July this year I got my first clean PET all I need to do now is to get to March 2011 when they do a MRI if it is clean that marks my 5 years with no recurring cancer. That will be a great milestone for me.

    All the best to you and hope yours is the same.
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    Watch Risk Factors
    Oh my goodness - glad docs feel you can avoid chemo/rads. "Watch Risk Factors" - that's a loaded recommendation. All 8,432 risk factors you heard about in the past couple years? Diet, smoking, drinking, microwave ovens, stress, cleaning chemicals, fertilizers, assorted chemicals, nail polish, makeup, hair dye, sugar, corn syrup, processed meats, salt cured foods, soy (depending on your cancer) and fungi and all the other things that someone may swear causes cancer? That's a job. But you've got a good start so far. don't blame you for feeling nervous they may have missed something - it's natural - hope you can laugh at yourself for being "paranoid" down the line.
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    Try to remain calm...

    One of the most calming things that my doctor said was that if he didn't see something that needed treatment (i.e. chemo and radiation) then he WASN'T going to treat me. Nothing is there.

    Be grateful that people will be monitoring you so closely. They have made a number of good suggestions about ways you can improve your own outcome. Do some reading, adopt the ideas that seem to work best for you, and know that if something does eventually appear, THEN it can be treated.