Leukemia with stem cell transplant

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Has anyone been treated for Leukemia (5 rounds of chemo followed by Stem Cell transplant)?? I started treatment in May and had my transplant on August 2, 2010. I returned to work on November 1st. I still have some issues with a lump in my throat and swollen calves. I was supposed to have a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday but my platelets were only 71. My other counts were good. I am worried that something is not right. Has anyone else gone through this with low platelet counts>


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    My name is Jason. I have T-cell ALL (no philadelphia chromosome.) I was diagnosed in March 2009. I underwent 8 cycles of Hyper-CVAD chemo with remission in April 09, followed by a stem cell transplant from a donor. I am still in remission, and am recovering very well. When I had my Hyper C-VAD, my platelets were constantly low. Sometimes they would get critically low and would have to have transfusions. It'll take time for all your counts to get back up. See if your doctor can give you neumega. They gave me that to bring my platelet counts up. I pray that your transplant will be 100% effective and the leukemia will be wiped out. Have a merry Christmas.