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Well...I have donated my share and more to the Pot Blackjack tables....also over the past 18 months I have lost my home in foreclosure, talked my son through yet another suicide attempt and into therapy, regained my hair (almost an even trade), moved closer to metro milw (movies, nightlife, blackjack), helped my daughter through getting rid of the boyfriend from hell (of course she not willing to let go until he beat her up and gave her 5 fractures on face), he in jail awaiting sentencing for felony battery, her second angel born in I have two little angels that adore me and I them.

Health wise....hit 'NED' last November. Scans look good up until September of this year when a fractured vertebrae and two large herniated discs were discovered....explains the increased back pain all summer....but anyway threw away the flip flops and started wearing sensible shoes and avoided surgery...NO PAIN ANYMORE IN BACK!!!! Currently on Femara and every three months Zometa. Some swollen painful joints (hands mostly) and love those afternoon naps. I have energy it just doesn't last as long....I need to find a little blue pill for stage 4 BC survivors.

Looking forward to Christmas and each and every new day. I made 35 tied fleece blankets to donate and gift this christmas (good for the hands) and just starting to work on 85 fleece headbands with of course in celebration of the Badgers heading to Rose Bowl.

So to everyone.......zoom zoom zoom Without my dx I would have never stopped long enough to enjoy so much!


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    wow sounds like crazy time for you
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas...and hope you are feeling well
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    wow sounds like crazy time for you
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas...and hope you are feeling well

    Missed this one the first time around
    Jojo, you were an inspiration to us all two years ago, and you're even more of an inspiration now! Let's all keep meeting in December like this for years to come... and wave to the Potawatami for me!
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    You've been through alot and
    You've been through alot and I hope things get better. Have a very merry Christmas Jo Jo, and I hope you have many more.