Anyone have surgery of Compressed Spine or taking provenge

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Hi Everyone,
My brother has stage 4 prostrate Cancer. It's in his bones. He was on hormone therapy and than radiation to his hip are to relieve pain.

He is now going to have surgery of his spine due to a mass (compressed). The goal is to prevent him from being in a wheelchair. They are giving him IV steroids to reduce the swelling in his spine.
He's still walking and has no numbness etc.

Has anyone had experience or know anyone that had this surgery. After surgery they are going to radiate and start chemo (provenge).

Any information will be helpful.


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    A would be candidate for Provenge
    My father has advanced prostate cancer, it has spread to his bones. He was given Zometa to make his bones stronger. The Zometa has damaged his kidneys, therefore, he is no longer a Provenge candidate. Yesterday the Oncologist told us that he has given my father all the treatments before suggesting Chemo and my father refuses to do it. He is 80 years old, he says it would make him sicker, that he has no cure. I understand Provenge is not a chemo, it's a immunotherapy. Best wishes to your brother.