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Hi all,
I just completed my last regiment of chemo, had surgery for esophagus cancer (considered stage 3 with 35 lymph nodes taken, 9 infected) in July, and followed by 9 weeks of chemo. Finally finished with no place to go but up (I mean “up” as compared to let’s not think about any worse) my surgery was conducted at Toronto General by Dr. Gail Darling, I have to say she and her staff were terrific, if I had to place my life in anyone’s hands, she was a good pick. I am home now, finished my chemo and doing pretty good. I have a question though, that I hope someone will comment on, have a solution too, or just plain say that’s it, put up with it. I am still quite a bit nauseated, especially after eating, I put it to the intense chemo regiment, but I have been off chemo for a week and quite frankly, I was hoping to see a little improvement. Now I am wondering if this is surgery related and not due to the chemo, any thoughts?
Would appreciate any input.


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    Patient and Caregiver Support
    Mr Marshall

    I have just become a member of this web site and I agree with your comments to Derek above. I had a stage III adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and had chemo radiation and surgery (Ivor Lewis) and I am in my 11th year with NED since my surgery.

    I agree that there is a good move to the minimally invasive surgery but I believe there are still times when this surgery is not used in favor of the longer recovery time IL method.

    That is not the reason I am writing to you. I have established a Foundation called the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation and we are adding services for members who join at no cost to them and I was wondering what your thoughts are on what we are trying to do. Although our site does not reflect all of these services we are currently talking with our web site designers to get them rolling on this project.

    The services we want to add are

    1. To create a phone number hot line for patients and caregivers to call on quality of life questions.
    2. to create phone conference call support groups for patients and caregivers on a monthly basis. These are no available when a person joins our Foundation (no Cost)
    3. To create a post surgical issues guide for patients to have as they journey through this disease.

    I look forward to your comments


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    Hi Derek,

    I am a 36 yr old survivor of four years. I still have nausea when I eat. I take Tigan 3 times a day and limit my portions. It does get a bit better. Don't plan to eat like you "used to." I have difficulties off and on with the ability to swallow, also. So...I have a j-tube again. When things are open, I can eat socially and enjoy small portions, but it takes the stress of counting calories and darkening the door of nausea.

    Best wishes,

    Hillsboro, OH