COLOPLAST VIRTUE SLING / Continuous pain and suffering 1 1/2 years later.

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Approximately 1 ½ years ago, I was implanted with a Coloplast Virtue male sling without my consent. I had consented to a simple, well-established “U” shaped mesh sling such as the AdVance sling by American Medical System.

After several weeks of tremendous suffering, following my implant surgery, I was horrified to learn I had been implanted with a mesh contraption with four (4) arms that were connected to a central platform instead of the simple “U” shaped mesh sling that I had consented to. I was further horrified to learn this four armed device had recently began clinical trials to learn if it was safe, effective and if it could be tolerated in a human body.

This implant not only immediately made my incontinence MUCH worse but has also has been the source of constant pain. Narcotic drugs had little effect in controlling the pain.

Approximately six months following the Coloplast Virtue implant, I underwent 3 ½ hours of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic where a reconstructive surgeon was able to remove the polypropylene mesh platform that was causing so much pain and nerve trauma inside my scrotum. Unfortunately the four mesh “arms” of this contraption were embedded so deep in my tissue that they could not be removed during this surgery.

The surgeon was able to implant the “U” type sling I had originally consented to near the completion of this reconstructive surgery. The simple “U” shaped sling implanted was an AdVance sling by American Medical Systems. It is working fantastic. After ten years of wearing pads, I have been dry since day of implant.

Regrettably, I continue to suffer intolerable pain from the Coloplast Virtue implant. My scrotum skin remains extremely painful to touch which I am certain originates from scrotal nerve damage as a result of the Coloplast Virtue fiasco. I continue to have severe “burning or stinging” in the creases of both legs that were cut open twice to first implant, then explant a portion of the Coloplast virtue sling.

Even more intolerable is the constant pain I feel in my lower pelvic area when I am seated. This pain is caused by the lower two polypropylene mesh “arms” that were wrapped around my lower pubic ramis bones. This wrapped mesh causes a raised area on the otherwise level surface, which results in pain and/or discomfort one would expect when sitting on a broom handle or steel cable. This pain is very pronounced anytime I am seated and ramps up rapidly when sitting for extended periods. It is necessary to constantly shift weight in an attempt to lessen this pain.

I have contacted the reconstructive surgeon that removed a portion of the Coloplast Virtue sling last December and three pelvic orthopedic surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in hopes of having the remaining Coloplast Virtue mesh cut or scrapped off my lower pelvic bones so I can sit again without pain.

They are of the opinion that the mesh, wrapped around my ramis bones, is embedded so deep that my situation is inoperable. I have been told that I will just need to learn how to live with the pain.

So now I can expect to endure pain for the remainder of my life because I was implanted with a device (still in clinical trials) that I never consented to.

I am not looking for sympathy but share my experience in hope that no one else will fall victim to a similar situation.

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    virtue sling

    Had virtue sling implant August 2011, suffered nerve damage to scrotum sac.  No medication eases pain.  Told by 5 doctors there is no remedy.  Miserable

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    I am really sorry for your pain.  I believe most Dr.'s do not tell us what is coming because I am sure alot of us would opt out.  Recent article about Urologists failing to mention shortening of penis, incontinence, etc.  

    No one told me about radiation damage coming two to three years later.  It is here.  They had to do a biopsy to determine what type of cancer was in lung.  I have asked my GP, and Gastro doc why they had to know which type it was.  Is the treatment different?  No answers.  Anyhow doc had to go in with his hand to get nodule.  For the last month have been in considerable pain.  It seems I am either getting feeling back, or nerves are just firing randomly.  Underarm feels like it is raw, pain around breast, shooting pain around whole area.  No one knows why, and I am still asking what differwnce did the biopsy make?  Do they treat it differently?  No answers. Looks like this pain is going to be around awhile.  Has not let up for over a month.  Not sure if you are suppose to ask beforehand or what.

    Off topic from your problem, but kind of same.  They do not tell us what is coming.  They just do it and you wake up,to find out the results.  

    I am sorry for your pain.  Worse part is you do not want to take drugs for this or you will become addicted.  On the plus side you are still here.  I wish you well.



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    Got a Lawyer?

    Sorry to hear about your situation and your pain.  Have you talked to any lawyers yet? 

    Won't help your pain but, if they in fact implanted the AdVance mesh sling w/o your consent, seems like you should be able to get some kind of financial recovery from them w/o too much difficulty but there may be a statute of limitations issue. 

    You would typically need to file a negligence claim w/in a year or 2 (depends on the jurisdiction) after the "injury" was 1st discovered, so if you still have legal right to a claim, you'll need to file it soon if you haven't done so already.  A local lawyer should be able to tell you whether you still have an actionable claim or not.

    Good luck!