Grandmother with stage 4 colon cancer

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I found out about a month ago that my grandma has stage 4 colon cancer. It has spread to her stomach and the tip of her lungs. She told me she doesnt believe in miracles=(. She cant keep any food down and has lost 30 pounds in 2 months.. She has been drinking ensure plus but thats it.. she has tried to eat but she keeps on telling my uncle there is no where for it to go.The doctor also said her tumor is inoperable. She is 79 and has worked her whole life to put me through college.. Now it is my last semester and this is happening. She even told me she isnt coming to my graduation. I am heartbroken with everything that is going on. I believe in miracles but if she doesnt believe, can they happen for her? She has been going through chemo and radiation for 2 months now. Is there anyone out there that can give me hope? This woman was about to go back to work so she could go on more cruises.. She has traveled the world in her 70s.. She just went to iceland last year.. Is there anything I can do?


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    Hi Chandra
    So sorry about your Grandma, she sounds like a wonderful lady and I am sure she is very proud of you. It is wonderful that you are reaching out to see if there is more to be done for her. There are lots of folks here with lots of first hand experience who willingly share all they know.

    What part of the country are you in? That will help folks if they have suggestions for places for second opinions or potential treatments.

    Even those who have been deemed inoperable, have with treatment been able to stabalize or even shrink tumors to make them operable, so hold on to your hope.

    I am sure others will be leaving notes here shortly to help with details.

    Hang with us and we will do what we can to offer suggestions and moral support.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    ChandraM -

    "She cant keep any food down and has lost 30 pounds in 2 months.. "

    "She has been going through chemo and radiation for 2 months now"

    "She told me she doesnt believe in miracles"

    Yeah, I don't believe in miracles either.. But it didn't matter,
    I'm still here in spite of the doctor's prognosis. I was like
    grandma, and swore I had a few weeks less than what they
    said I had. How one "feels" about their own mortality, really
    does not add to, or take away from, their longevity. Don't put
    too much weight into how long grandma thinks she has...

    What your Grandma needs, is another specialist's opinion.
    It would be in her best interest to locate one that isn't a member
    of the same group or organization as her present one. Good doctors
    welcome other opinions. It helps them find out about new techniques.

    There are plenty of medications that can help offset the side effects
    of chemo and radiation that G'mom appears to be suffering from.

    To allow her to continue to suffer so greatly, when she could be
    taking something to stifle the side-effects, is beyond my comprehension.

    But.... I never did chemo or radiation.... Perhaps one of the other
    members here can provide some info regarding some of the remedies
    for the side effects. I don't have that first-hand experience that others have.

    Please help her get other, outside opinions, and quickly, if possible?
    She needs that, if nothing else....

    She'll do fine... But you better plan on graduating, cuz' she's gonna'
    be Peed if she sticks around to see you get "left back".

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    I'm so sorry about your grandmother. She sounds like quite a woman! She's early in the diagnosis, so maybe she will feel more hopeful as she gets used to the idea of being a cancer patient.

    Praying the treatments help her!

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    I believe in miracles!
    Or at least in the near-impossible being possible. Of course, we don't know your grandma's medical history + we are not doctors, but she is in treatment, which things could be shrinking right this second. I had chemo + radiation in the summer of 2009 + my two colorectal tumours shrunk. I was supposed to have surgery after this,was inoperable because of liver mets which showed up more clearly on my next scan. So since since Sept 2009, I have feen on folfiri + avastin. After 4 treatments, my 2 CRC tumpours were undetectable + the liver mets were shrinking. Your Grandma will likely have a scan to see how the radiation + chemo are working. I think they usually wait a little while after radiation/chemo is finished because the radiation keeps working for awhile. As for graduation, is there time for her to change her mind? Maybe see how she is feeling closer to grad day. Your grandmother sounds like a firecracker+ you sound like a wonderful grandaughter of whom I am guessing she is really proud.