Small Cell Caricinoma of the Cervix

I was diagnosed with this rare form of cervical cancer just over a year ago. I am out of treatment and doing fine. This is a very rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer. When diagnosed women usually feel as if they are the only one. There is a group of us from around the world though who have connected and are making strides to bringing awareness to this "other" cervical cancer. If you have been diagnosed with SCCC please do not feel like you are alone, email me at [email protected]. or find us on Facebook, Small Cell Carcinoma Cervix Sisters United is the group name.!/group.php?gid=102232886492715

Stay Strong!


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    small cell cervical cancer
    My niece has small cell cervical cancer and is very proactive in finding a cure for this disease. I saw your post and wanted to try and link you to her. This is her email [email protected] Her name is Melanie Cummings. She can tell you more about what she does and the progress being made with this disease. She is a miracle and I think she has been cancer free for approximately three years. Please contact her if you would like and tell her that her aunt Kaye gave you her address.


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