Out of the Snow and back to the Sunshine

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Arrived in Seattle, to find a winter (LOL love it when I can say that) wonderland awaited us. Ahhh, the sweet gentle fall of the snow flakes, had to stick my tongue out and catch a few. By night, it was 9 inches of snow in Sequim. I YI YI!!! What fun, indeed. It took 6 hours to do a 2 hour trip via bus transportation. (I drove Mom's car back, she is no longer driving). I truly enjoyed the snow, bought gloves, borrowed Mom's Sorrel brand boots and stayed toasty warm.
What a difference a couple of weeks makes, she's looking so good, she blames me for this, for visiting too often, and I'll gladly take that blame!!!!!
My brother made a most wonderful turkey dinner, and we celebrated with Martinelli's cranberry apple sparkling cider (made just down the road from Santa Cruz in Watsonville), toasting to mine and my mother's good health in the future. Fantastic day. The whole time was wonderful.
Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day as well. I thought of each and everyone of you, thinking of the struggles of living with cancer that each goes through daily, and finding myself ever so thankful to count you as my friends. Friends, who understand when the soul feels broken and uplift that soul, friends that can laugh over poop problems, without making one feel embarrassed, friends that understand that embarrassment felt when around those who don't understand the cancer related "accidents" and such. Friends that let you cry on their shoulder and then tell you to "BUCK UP" and quit feeling sorry for yourself. Friends that allow you to feel sorry for themselves just for a little while, then pat you on the cyber back and tell you to get back to the business of living.
Truly a most thankful Thanksgiving for me, in appreciation of your wonderful souls, encouraging, cheering and loving each and every one of us.
Thank you my friends, from my heart, thank you so much for being there.
Winter Marie


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    About Freakin Time!
    Geez who the heck told you you could be gone so long? LOL

    Welcome home Winter Marie. So glad to hear Mom is doing better.
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    Lori-S said:

    About Freakin Time!
    Geez who the heck told you you could be gone so long? LOL

    Welcome home Winter Marie. So glad to hear Mom is doing better.

    Oh My Gosh, you had me
    Oh My Gosh, you had me bursting out with laughter!!! Thank you for that!!!!
    Winter Marie
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    Welcome home!!! We missed you!!!!
    But I'm glad mom is doing better!!! YEA!!!

    I LOVE snow! I will be getting plenty in my other home....it's not above freezing in The Netherlands right now...maybe skating????

    I was in San Diego this weekend...getting my last big 'sunshine' on...lol...walking barefoot on the beach, etc...I love the sun, too! I am soooo lucky!

    As far as thankful, I, too, am thankful for all of you, my family!! You make me laugh, and cry, and everything in between...I would rather a world without cancer, but as long as that is not possible, I want a world with you all in it!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    glad to hear from you
    Hi Marie,

    I'm so glad to hear from you and hear that you are doing fine!
    I lived outside of Seattle when I was a little girl 6 & 7 yrs old & have never been back there since. Both years I lived there we had a white Christmas. I'm told that doesn't always happen, but I have fond memories of it.

    Have a good week!
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    Hey Winter Marie & welcome back!

    Two of my kids are living in the Seattle area ( Issaquah ) and I received lots of pics of the early snow.Beautiful!! My daughter just moved out there in Sept. and being from the South of course she got her car stuck on an icy driveway the very first day and had to walk 3 miles to get home.

    So glad your Mom is doing better. Mom's help to keep our heart going:)