My platelets went up alittle bit finally and Susafina I took your advice

hopeful girl 1
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Still working to recover on my blood counts following my 6th chemo which was on Nov 2nd.
My platelets are what is being closely monitored by my oncology team.

It is 4 weeks tomorrow since that 6th chemo.

Here are my latest counts as of today:

White cells went from 1.3 to up to 1.8......should be 4-10
Neutrophils went from 750 to up to 1300.....should be 2,000-7,000
Hemoglobin went down from 10.6 down to 10.3----should be 12-16
Platelets went from 21,000 up to to 34,000.....should be 150,000-400,000

So that is alittle bit of progress for which I am grateful-and hopefully a sign the recovery is kicking in. :) They told me to come back in one week for another bloodtest. My restrictions will be lifted when counts have returned to a reasonable level.

Susafina emailed me to not exercise under 50,000 platelets, I had been using the stationary bike for 25-30 minutes per day. I did stop after Thursday, as I was not feeling all that well, and had some chest pains alittle bit later that evening.

I figure maybe my body needs all of it's energies to rebuild the cells-so I am holding off for now. And I started drinking 2 Ensures a day, or a protein drink and an Ensure etc.

I hope they keep climbing now.