foot problems after esophagectomy

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i had a eshagealectomy in feb. I was in icu for 38 days and then oncology ward for 3 more weeks. After a few weeks rehabbing at home I got back on my feet and got back to work.(i am an electrician) It took some time but I feel like I am back. My greatest issue is the fact that now I am having these weird foot afflictions. They removed 1 neuroma from my foot surgically and 1 month later I am having 1 grow on the same foot , 1 on the other foot and now within the last week i am having some intense heel pain. I have asked my oncologist, podiatrist, and orthopedic surgeon if it has anything to do with the surgey or some sort of deficincy that would cause this. If anyone else has experienced this could you let me know. This is my 1st time on this site and I think it is wonderful.