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Hello Everyone, my name is Helen. I have bladder cancer and I've gone through 4 months of chemo. I was given a choice of surgery or radiation and I chose radiation. The treatment included 28 sessions and my Dr. said that the only side effect would be fatigue. Well, after 3 wks the pain was unbearable. I talked with my Dr and he doesn't understand why I'm in excruciating pain. I mentioned that I read the side effects and pain is to be expected. He said that he would stop the 9 treatments left because he doesn't believe that I'm in pain. He thinks it's something else. It really bothered me that my oncologist looked at me as if I was lying. He doesn't believe that people with bladder cancer can have painful side effects. It's funny, all he has to do is read about the side effects of radiation and bladder cancer.

My next visit will be at my Cancer Dr's office and I hope that he has positive answers for me.

Sincerely, Helen.