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My Mom Carol was diagnosed with uterine cancer MMMT Sept 2010 she went into surgery on Oct 21 2010 they couldnt remove the tumor,she has been scheduled for chemo treamtents 3 different times. know they have found that the tumor has grown to her bladder and kidneys she is scheduled to go into surgery again tuesday 11/30 for a stent to open her kidney so she can start treatments. She is really frustrated and needs some insite if anyone is dealing with this cancer and is willing to talk with her by phone I think this might help her state of mind right know. Thank You,My prayers are with all of you, Faith is a powerful thing.



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    Wow amanda im so sorry to
    Wow amanda im so sorry to here they could not remove your mothers Tumor im taking it that is because it has spreed ? what state of cancer and grade or do they know yet ? i know once it starts moving out side of the uertus then it can go in to state 2 but you stated it has went to her kidneys and bladder so im taking it shes stage 3 or 4 ?

    i was stage 1 grade 2 and they was able to remove mine with the surgery i was 29 i since turned 30 and am in remison now for 7 months due to a higher grade i under went radition treatments i how ever never had to do chemo or other treatments

    im dealing with this cancer but not the same as your mother im sure she is frustrated i would be very much so to and i know i was at times

    it is a roller coster ride and not easy to go through it im shy over the phone does your mom have a email ? if so she can email me

    let me know ill try to be there in the way of support any way i can

    God bless

    and much prayers