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Hi everyone, first I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and second, to let all of you know who has been in touch with us since last year when we first went on this website, that we are doing ok. The holidays are going to be especially tough after losing Eddie and my mom. We are going to my sisters today, it will be weird, Ed and my mother we there with us last year and I am somewhat apprehensive about going but feel that it is best to be with family. There is not a day that I do not think about them but also I think alot about this website and all the families that are in the same boat as us. I do come on here occasionally, it still very difficult for me to read all these stories, so many sound so familiar to me. We are seeing our therapist and going to hospice group meetings every Sunday. They help us both out alot. I am still thinking about a xmas tree, don't know if I want one yet, but at least the thought of one is still in my mind. Mr. Marshall, I think of you often, your words of wisdom to me over the past year and so many things you have said to me keep running through my mind. You were a great inspiration to me then and now. I know the holidays can be rough of everyone but I thought I would say we are doing our best. We know there are so many people thinking about us and praying for us. We feel it in our hearts.
I will keep you posted on how we are and I hope that all of you are doing ok, especially this time of year.

Mr. Marshall, this is for you. "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I will pm you soon. Hope you enjoy your "turkey day" also.


Linda and Diana


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    thanks for the update!!
    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for letting us know how you and Diana are doing. It is so hard when you lose 2 people who meant so much to you both and the losses so close together. Glad you were going out to your sisters and hope you get that Christmas tree. They are there with you, it all takes time and there is no timetable for grief, just one step at a time. Take care and hope you and Diana remember the happy times you had with your Mom and Ed. thanks again for the update,
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    My thoughts and


    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this holiday season. Remember to laugh and do something (perhaps one of their favorite traditions and or food) this season that your mom and Ed loved. A close friend of mine told me that even though it was difficult to think of doing that at first - when she did it it not only honored the memory of her husband but it made her feel closer to him and reminded her of wonderful memories.

    Hugs and love to you and your daughter.