Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful people here

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. This year I feel well enough to have the family here for turkey day. Have been busy baking and cleaning house all week. Grateful that chemo has been kind to me lately and feeling good.
I'm not a regular poster but read them often. I have to admitt I spend more time in chat. Saying that I would like to invite anyone who is intrested to join in the chat feature anytime. I have made some very good friends there and since my dx the people there have helped me on several occasions to see light at the end of the tunnel. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and we talk about anything and everything. Like the discussion boards nothing is taboo. We laugh together and cry together and try to support one an other in any way we can, and the days when I feel lonely there is almost always someone there to help with that too. For me the chat room has been a life saver.
Wishing you all the best turkey day ever. Much love and (((hugs)))to all.



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    Thank you
    Thank you,and I hope you have a wonderful weekend also.I'm glad you are feeling better too.
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    Hope your Thanksgiving is great too.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Linda and Ellie
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    What's chat?
    Please, I hope I don't sound like a complete computer illiterate (which I am, and I blamely solely on chemo brain)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what is chat and how do you get on it??? Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!! Anna
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    every time I click on chat all i see is a blank page I am doing something wrong