PBS Program: FRONTLINE Facing Death

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I did not know where to post this. I don't want to scare the crap out of any "newbies" on the colon cancer site so I thought I'd post it here (for now) I did not get to watch it all, I had to run out somewhere but it is viewable online at this WEBSITE. It's something we all have to face at some point.


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    I would rather face Eva Longoria (I think).

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    It's on the crc board, as well....
    you scamp!

    Thanks for the post! I have a full DNR (Do Not Resuccitate) in place...I do NOT want to go on this way!!!

    My post on the CRC board (they are stronger than you might think, we have lost 4 in the last month...many choosing hospice instead of hospital...):

    Right after I heard those 3 words, I updated my will, named my medical power of attorney, and wrote DNR instructions, as well as talked SERIOUSLY with my family about my advanced directive...

    MY opinion, MY choice is that I do NOT want to live 'trapped' in a non-responsive body....

    I worry for the caregivers, family of the people on the show....THEY, also, need a strong support system, and respite from caring....If you watch it, look at the faces on the wives/girlfriends/sisters/brothers. As much as we love, it's hard to face the frustration and anger shot at us from a person in the midst of the fight, when these patients are released to 'home' without adequate home care...

    I have been both caregiver and patient. My beau 'died' for 3 minutes from heart failure. It was VERY tough, 24/7, to stay in the hospital. After a week of no change, they asked ME what I thought medically to do (thankfully, I have med power of attny...) I said "well, you cannot leave him like this...intubated, tied down, and drugged...he would be FURIOUS!". So, the tube was removed, the sedation lessened. He came home a damaged man...his short-term memory still affected. But, because we had discussed this first, I could tell the medical team what he wanted...

    I also feel that I have had my 'miracle'. But it came at a cost: both physical (from the rads, chemo, surgeries) and mentally (chemo brain, change in attitude, battles with depression). I don't think that I would be so fortunate, the next time...

    HUgs, Kathi