Medullary Cancer Rise in Calcitonin

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My Mom was diagnosed with Medullary Cancer in 2009 almost one year ago. She had a complete throidectomy and neck dissection as well as 35 external beam radition treatments. The medullary had only spread to two lymph nodes. She had been doing great until her calcitonin level came back and it was 104. 3 months ago it was 54 so it has gone up. Has anyone had any experience with there calcitonin levels going up and did it mean reoccurence?


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    Is your mother still being followed by her doctor because an elevation of the calcitonin is a sgn of recurrence so make sure the follow up is being done. Mine is still in evolution coming from 89-98-191-298 so you have to keep following

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    Kikass take names

    Dude mine was 70,000 now down to 8000 on Vanetinib ie Caperlsa ....good stuff 14yrs still killin it

    attitude is everything never never give in to it

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    Well each one it appears to have their own highs and lows.  I at one time had over 3,000 count and then down to 330 now back up to over 600 and thats after two surgeries over 200 lymphnodes removed and complete neck dissection.  I am confused as it appears there is no measurement of what should be happening as some live with higher numbers and some can't.  You are not alone we all struggle with this uncommon cancer.  Good luck as I am still learning about my Cancer 3 years later as Docs don't offer much insight.

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    MY husband

    My husband has stage 4 Medullary Carcinoma the type where its hereditary.  My child and grandchild are positive.  I am blessed my daughter was negative, but to know that my child and grands have to go thru something like this is tearing me up.  My nerves are shot and I am on an anxiety drug and anti depressant.  My husband is on disability and very depressed.  After 4 surgeries and loosing one of his vocal cords and 7 weeks of radiation he refuses to take his chemo, says it doesnt make him feel good.  Its wrapped around his jugular and carotid, all other lymph nodes in the upper part of his body they removed.  It has spread to his spine and liver and i am scared to death.  My son has his thyroid removed after testing positive and now my grandson , hes positive and gets monitered every 3 months so if something starts to react then they will immediatley remove his thryoid.  I feel alone, i feel i have no life, i feel so sorry for my husband , i cry in bed at night when no ones watching.  I cry on the way home from work.  I am a secretary and the state says i make too much money, they don't look at what all i have to fork out for insurance and everything else.  I pray 24/7 I am a christian.  I just feel i have nothing to live for, my life has been crushed and i have no hope in site:)