Does Avastin Drug Work for EC?

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My dad has EC and he is at stage IV.
Currently he is on his 2nd cycle of his chemo threatment out of 6.

I found out on internet that Avastin can help with Esophycas Cancer.

I had asked his oncologist last time we met to include Avastin in his treatment.
He has agreed but told me that Medicare might not cover it.
The cost of each Avastin treatment is about $60000.
Doctor has included supporting articles showing that Avastin will help EC with the medication order to ensure Medicare will pay for it.
However I am worried that insurance will not pay for much needed medication.

Have you used Avastin and does it work?
Or is it a hoax by Pharmaceutical company making money out of desperate cancer patients and family?

Our appointment for next chemo is on December 6th.

I am sorry but we are running out of time and need some answers.
Thank you kindly for your timely response and answer.
Best Regards,
Shideh Ghajar


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    Hate Avastin!
    My husband had lung cancer & died from a rare side effect from Avastin, so I hate it.
    There have been good results with some people who have been on it, and never thought that my husband who had always been in great health till this happened but I would talk seriously to your doctor before your dad takes it. "Carole"
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    unknown said:

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    I often wonder why they gave my husband Avastin for his lung cancer. One of the "RARE" side effects was hemorraging which did happen to him. He had only one treatment with it, and started coughing up blood, so his next chemo didn't include Avastin. But too late, the damage was already done. Even though when he had a MRI it showed the tumor shrinking, but a week later he died. It is something I'll never forget. So hope anyone who is going to be getting this type of Chemo, will really question the doctor about these side effects.