Brain Stem Glioma on the 3rd Ventricle in adult male

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My uncle has recently been diagnosed with a brain stem glioma on the 3rd ventricle. He is 55 years old and has had 2 other tumors that have been operated on. He also has a shunt from the very first surgery he ever had as a child. The doctors said today that the brain stem glioma is inoperable and he cannot even receive radiation because of gamma knife he received from his last surgery 2 years ago, making the treatments have severe side effects on him. Does anyone have any information on other ways to try and treat this or have family members going through this now that can help with any information? Thank you anyone for your time in response and trying to help during these difficult times.


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    Have you consulted a place
    Have you consulted a place like Duke or MD Anderson? I think since there's a history there, like with us of previous brain tumors, we felt most comfortable seeking council at Duke and following their protocol.

    My hubby has AAs (PET in October showed it was cold, yeah), but one was on pons and right off pons (brain stem) and cerebellum. They were all inoperable. He had whole brain/spine radiation in 1987, so that's why we sought their opinion for treatment for these new tumors.

    Wishing your uncle the very best and hoping you can find the best options available.