Reoccurrence- second surgery for winter break =(

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Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow marks a year ago that I had my TT and lymph node removal for papillary cancer. I had my RAI treatment 175mci December 29th 2010. My scan after came back clean. In August I went back for my follow up scan before returning to college. After the scan the doctors made me drink lemon juice and do the scan again. They came in and told me I was free to go. My family and I went out and celebrated with a meal full of iodine. Two days later my endo called, he told me I should have an ultrasound done because my Tg was high but I was confused as to why the doctors doing the scan said nothing. Had my ultrasound two days before returning to school. The tech found one lymph node and the radiologist came in and offered to biopsy right there so I wouldn't have to make a trip back home. A week later my results came back positive for papillary cancer...again =(.
I refused to get surgery until winter break, other wise I'd be a year behind in my major.

So here I am wondering if I made the right choice. Has anyone else had lymph nodes removed after TT? My surgeon told me it would be same day surgery 45-60 minute procedure. I don't know if I believe him. My TT was only supposed to take 2 hours and I was under for 6 and a half. I didn't think a year ago that I would still be doing this.
How was your experience? did you have a large incision? I really didn't want to have a second scar. Now I'm worried I might have to have a third or fourth or even fifth surgery.

Hope everyone is doing well, I'm trying to stay positive but its getting hard.



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    I am so sorry that


    I am so sorry that you have to go through this again and if you are in college you must be so young.

    If you could I would have the surgery sooner rather than later. For me I had a ultrasound and a biopsy and it came back "suspicious of Papillary cancer, the just before I saw the surgeon I had another ultrasound which proved no differed. The surgeon therefore order the surgery on March 17, 2010 (3 months later) It turns out they were all wrong. I should have had this Thyroi removed sooner. It was stage 3, 4 lymps nodes was involvved
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    most the time they use the
    most the time they use the same scar.

    From every one I have known going throug surgeries. If there is any way posible they will use the same scar.

    one of my friends had 12 surgeries in the abdomen area. Every one had to be a large open surgery and each time they used the same scar area.

    Myself I had my thyroid removed in 2 surgeries. the second surgery used the same scar (ok they made it about 1/4 inch longer.

    If you talk to your surgeon if there is any way posible they will take the extra effort to use the same scar for any surgery.