PianoGAL...WELCOME...Wow, how encouraging

Always Hopeful
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I cut and paste my response to your first posting from another post (the one that requests where we live.) I'm afraid your great experience might get lost and thought I'd welcome you in a new discussion.

Peace and hope, JJ

November 21, 2010 - 9:32pm
PIANOGAL...WELCOME...Wow..how encouraging
Dear PianoGal,

I am so excited to read that you were diagnosed with UPSC in 2000 and have been cancer free!!! YAHOO...you are the person so many of us have been waiting to hear from.

How long was WART for? What were your experiences throughout this part of your treatment? I'm also going to look up Megace because that has never been mentioned during my treatments.

Thank you for joining and sharing your positive experience...it is just what the doctor ordered!

My best wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Peace and hope, JJ