Saturday's blood test platelets stayed at 25,000, so next bloodtest Monday

hopeful girl 1
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Thank you for all of the advice about platelets. It makes me very nervous being so low, and I am afraid I will drop lower as in one of my later chemos I kept dropping until the 5th week after chemo. I sure hope this time is not the same. And that time I had only dropped at the lowest to 69,000.

I am getting the tests daily if I drop and if I don't drop, they test my blood every other day.

A few days ago I went up from 26,000 to 32,000 but then dropped back down to 25,000 and then yesterday tested the same at 25,000. Also my whites continue to drop.
Before 6th chemo on Nov 2 they were 1300 and now as of yesterday they were at 600.
In the last few days have gone from 988 to 852 to 600. So that scares me too.

I wear my mask when I go to the cancer center and my oncologist's nurse said there is no need to wear a mask. But I do anyway, I know how easily I catch colds and coughs and I am not taking any chances. Other than going to the center I just stay at home for now.

Hugs to all.