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As a new timer as of today on this Board i am an old timer for my cancer (at the base of my tongue}.. almost seven years ago and feel so at home reading all the problems we have and are going through..The radiation killed my cancer but at about five years out i found that it killed the lower left jaw bone so i had to have a new jaw bone made from my fibula in my right leg...Fibulas are put into the class as tonsils and apprendics don't need them.. My only problem now is swallowing, dry mouth, taste,etc... I manage to eat most everything just need lots of soup or fluid.. I do enjoy a couple handcrafted beers at night watching the news..My state is big on making IPAs and Ales and it seems to make my mouth water... Michael Douglas i hear has resisted the PEG..i had it for 6 months and lost 100 lbs..with the tube in..Hard to imagine not having it..All is pretty good now ...Enjoying 5 grandkids and always looking for good ideas on smooth and soft foods..Good luck to all... Mel


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    Thanks and welcome my friend to our home here on CSN, we are all very glad to have you.