node in presacral space

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I have recently been rediagnosed with recurrent colon cancer stage IV, i had to have an complete abdominal hysterectomy in May, the tumors were wrapping around my ureters. I had my colon removed from the original diagnosis in 2006 and 6 mos of 5FU treatment. I am now doing 5FU and Avastin treatment but had to stop the 5FU for mouth sores. A few days ago I started getting back pain and I worry because of my whole last episode with my kidneys. Had a CT scan last night and they have said that they found a nodule in my presacral space and I need to see my regular doctor and my oncologist next week. Should I stress out? I hate this hurry up and wait game it drives me and my family insane. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or where this new nodule might be?