ONcologist appt today

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For some reason in my head I thought once I hit this point (almost 2 yrs post surgery) I thought instead of every 3mths I could go to see her ONCE a year. When I said I won't see you for a year I got an ODD look. I was told No now you can come every 4mths instead of 3...

WAS it a dream? I was all excited knowing I was going today and thought red light for annual check ups...


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    I don't Understand the Appoint Schedule Either
    I don't get the variations on onco appointments. I saw mine every three months for two years. Now it's every 4 months and when I was there earlier this month she told me after my next 4 month app. in March of 2011 ( which will be three years from my dx) I will see her every 6 months. I think after 5 years I may be able to go once a year. But I 've seen others on this board who seem to go less frequently. I had a masectomy, no rads, no chemo, low Onco score and on Tamox. It sure will be less stressful to go less often!

    Good luck and hugs, Sally