PET scan negative

Newfoundcancer Member Posts: 40
Last Friday I took a PET scan and show no signs of cancer.
I am happy ,but I have a different look at life now.
The cancer can come back any time, so I am relived that I will not have chemo just yet.
I eat healty now and look towards enjoying life to the fullest.
Positive thinking, added a little humor helped alot.
This board will always be my home, and will support any one on here.
I will log in and put my 2 cents of wisdom every now and then.

Be happy and live long.....


  • allmost60
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    Happy for you!
    Thats just wonderful news and I'm very happy for you! Try not to think about the idea that the cancer will come back, even though it will always be a thought we can't completely ignore. Enjoy this "chemo free" time to the fullest! Best wishes for you and "yes" keep coming back here. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
  • truckingalong
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    Fantastic News!
    Great news! Enjoy your Life to the fullest. You give me hope for my healing. Thank you for your sharing.